Learning To Be White (Thandeka)

September 14, 2011


This is a list of terms found in Thandeka’s Learning To Be White, as well as books she referenced which I will be following up on as soon as I have completed this book. The following is my ongoing reading notes and resource list since I am reading this book right now…. Any feedback would […]

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The psychology of prejudice (unpacking Plous)

January 19, 2010


Unpacking Plous: The Psychology of Prejudice Rachel Rustad Portland State University Research in the intersections of peace and social psychology reveal that must know ourselves in order to be able to intentionally, consciously, and critically delve into what brings us to the place of prejudice and hate.  Yet, what brings us to this process of […]

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PSU Portland Civil Rights Project documentary script- The Future of the Albina Community- part 2

December 23, 2008


PSU Portland Civil Rights Project Script    Although the early period of the African American experience in Portland has been fairly well documented, after 1955 there is very little documentation, particularly of the civil rights movement in Portland. As an effort to remedy this, the PSU PDX Civil Rights Project’s goal is to add this […]

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PSU Portland Civil Rights Project- Portland African American History and the Making of Portland’s Albina Neighborhood- part 1

December 22, 2008


Fall 2008 Term, I took a class at Portland State University from first time instructor Felicia Williams called Recording Portland Civil Rights History. We did extensive historical research and conducted oral history interviews with African Americans in Portland who were active in the civil rights movement. We are in the process of creating an archive […]

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women, slavery, and resistance in the African Diaspora

August 18, 2008


Rachel Rustad BST 450U: Female Resistance Personalities in the African Diaspora Professor Clare Washington Final Exam Essay 16 August 2008 Essay 4: The experiences of Caribbean women are of growing interest to scholars as well as writers, and are often compared with the experiences of North American women. The various political, economic, racial, and gender […]

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Feminist Solidarity with Women of Color Feminists and Native Feminists: The Tenure Case of Professor Andrea Smith

May 12, 2008


The Color of Violence- Trask’s concept of “peaceful violence” and the tenure case of Prof. Andrea Smith I really want to address Prof. Andrea Smith’s (author of Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide) tenure case at the University of Michigan because this is a prime example of contemporary institutional racism, a kind of racism […]

whiteness, racist ethnocentrism, and “progressive” action

April 14, 2008


Is whiteness looking outward for the answer to the world’s problems- rather than looking inward and examining our own role, our own complicity, our own oppressive ways? Unless we address our own white privilege as white people, as a racial group, a cultural group, an ethnic group, we will not be useful or instrumental in […]