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Feminist Solidarity with Women of Color Feminists and Native Feminists: The Tenure Case of Professor Andrea Smith

May 12, 2008


The Color of Violence- Trask’s concept of “peaceful violence” and the tenure case of Prof. Andrea Smith I really want to address Prof. Andrea Smith’s (author of Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide) tenure case at the University of Michigan because this is a prime example of contemporary institutional racism, a kind of racism […]

whiteness, racist ethnocentrism, and “progressive” action

April 14, 2008


Is whiteness looking outward for the answer to the world’s problems- rather than looking inward and examining our own role, our own complicity, our own oppressive ways? Unless we address our own white privilege as white people, as a racial group, a cultural group, an ethnic group, we will not be useful or instrumental in […]

final reflections- reflective assignment 4

March 16, 2008


This was a final class evaluation- 1. Are you a Black Studies major or did you have a similarily strong background in the topics of this class? 2. Which best describes your overall experience in this class? 3. Which of the following activities led to the MOST and LEAST engagement and learning on the topics […]

white habitus

February 23, 2008


In Racism Without Racists: Colorblind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, research professor of sociology Eduardo Bonilla-Silva discusses the social and spatial isolation of whites from people of color as rooted in American history and continuing today. He describes the “white habitus” of most whites in America as a “racialized, […]

looking inward- deconstructing white privilege

February 20, 2008


I am still feeling really frustrated about how much difficulty we are having as a class with looking at racism as disadvantage but also as advantage. Taking responsibility and being accountable as white people must be done in order to understand what we can do to challenge racism. I believe that I must see how […]

Racism Without Racists- an analysis

February 20, 2008


Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s Racism Without Racists: Colorblind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States is so important for understanding the new form that racism has taken, “colorblind racism”. This is the racism that I have been observing for quite some time but couldn’t put my finger on. I have heard the 4 […]

white studies: connecting the pieces

February 20, 2008


In opposition to the work of racialist scientists of the 20th century, geneticists, biologists, historians, and anti-racialist social scientists among others revealed and scientifically established that there are no genetic markers for race, deconstructing the notion of “race” as biological hence predetermined, inevitable, unchanging, natural, and normal. The “statement on ‘race'” published by the American […]

whiteness, racism, and colorblindness

February 8, 2008


This blog is a project for Black Studies 410: Topics: White Studies, Winter 2008 at Portland State University. Among our goals is integrating theory and action, and I hope to gain more tools and solidarities in fighting racism by examining my role in the structure of whiteness and white culture in maintaining and perpetuating systemic […]